First post! Awkward Introductions

Okay – I feel like I’m standing up on the first day of class about to share my name, age, and an *interesting* fact about myself. To set the scene: 20 pairs of uninterested eyes are on me and I’m trying not to stumble over the words I’ve been repeating in my head since the first kid’s turn. Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m 25 and I didn’t try a sandwich (of any kind) until I was 18 years old I have a French Bulldog named Fitzgerald (Fitz for short). Yes, I always chicken out at the last second and replace the weirdo sandwich fact, though it is 100% true, with the basic b*tch Frenchie fact instead. Hardly an interesting fact, but it keeps everyone from looking at me like I’m an alien. Alright, now that we’ve got the corny ice breaker out of the way… let me just dive into saying THANKS FOR BEING HERE! Sorry for shouting. I’m excited. And terrified. And in disbelief that I’m actually going to take a stab at this blog thing. After all, the only blog I’ve ever had was a tumblr solely dedicated to indie-light-grunge “photography” and bands that I was obsessed with. But I’ve wanted to try this for a long time… so much so that it’s been my New Year’s resolution for the past 3 years. Better late than never I guess? If you’re here, you’re probably a friend or family and I just want to say thank you for supporting this/me and I love you so much. I don’t have a clue as to what I’m doing or where this will go, but I appreciate you being along for the journey. I know a lot of people have one thing in their life they are truly and deeply passionate about, but I don’t think I have that. I like to say that I have an average amount of passion for a lot of things. I hope to share those things here… maybe you’ll enjoy them??? (Here’s hoping!).

‘Till next post!
– Sarah

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I have an average amount of passion for many things.

8 thoughts on “First post! Awkward Introductions

    1. Thank you!! It was a VERY weird choice for someone as picky as I am… but it was a Roast Beef Sandwhich from Togo’s and I really liked it! Now, I am a fan of many different kinds lol.


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