Hi Everyone! Long time no post. I took a bit of a birthday break (you are now reading the words of a twentySIX year old) and I ended up behaving the same way I do when I need to return a phone call… the longer I put it off… the less I want to do it. But alas, here I am. And here you are (I hope). So let’s do this.

If you’re coming along with me on this blog journey, you should probably get to know me a bit more than just on a surface level. So on occasion, I’d like to go on some deep dives into my life. I thought today that I’d talk about something that makes me immensely proud and extremely happy and that’s my relationship with my boyfriend, Demetri. We’ve been together 4 years (and almost 3 months, if you care about being precise) but have known each other for 8 years. Okay, I say we’ve known each other for that long but it was more like I knew of him for the first few years and avoided him at all costs because he made me nervous. He doesn’t believe this is why I avoided him, but it’s true.

Thailand, February 2020.

Let me take you back to where it all began – at the five star, extraordinary, luxury dining experience: The Olive Garden. I know, I know… CLASSY. *Do you hear “Belle Notte” playing in the background of your mind right now?* I was 18 years old and I had just started my first ever waitressing job because my best friend who had already been hired told me I “had to get a job there with her” and that it would be “so much fun to work together” and then promptly quit before I even started my orientation. Thanks girl! Anyway, I liked it and seemed to be pretty decent at it so I stayed. I worked morning shifts only (this is important to the story). Enter Demetri: the very cute bartender that worked on Friday mornings (see, I told you). Morning shifts were mostly slow and it seemed to due to the fact that only elderly couples that got up at 6am wanted pasta for lunch at 11am. When there was nothing to do, we usually gathered at the side station (this is where we keep the extra napkins, sodas, clean glasses, etc. for all of you that have been blessed to never have had to work a restaurant job) at the end of the bar and we chatted with the bartender and whoever else that had nothing to do. I always did this. Except on Friday mornings.

Cut to a year after I started working at the good ole OG and I’m still avoiding the bar when the cute bartender is working. I had decided I was going to move to Missouri. (I know what you’re thinking… leave CALIFORNIA for MISSOURI?! ….It’s a long story and we need not get into that mess.) On my last day, I specifically remember Demetri coming up to me and my coworker who were sitting together in an empty section and he added me on snapchat (*cue the gasps* this was a big deal). He says that he told me not to move. I say (and I’m right) that he didn’t. Anyway, I moved. And that was that.


My Missouri experience was short lived. I decided in a year that I was ready to move back home. A few months before my move was official, I had been back here to visit and celebrate my 21st birthday. An old Olive Garden coworker insisted that we go to a local bar and I was excited because it would be a mini reunion with all of my OG friends. Well I bet you can guess who showed up to that?! (If you didn’t guess Demetri, are you paying attention?) Yup. Demetri. He was actually the first guy ever to buy me a drink. I still feel like I barely spoke to him that night, but it was a step up from complete avoidance. This opened the gates of communication and that smooth snapchat add was finally proven to be useful. A few months later I was officially moved back home and that guy has been stuck with me ever since.

New Years Eve 2019

I mentioned before that on top of just providing genuine happiness, our relationship also makes me proud. I say that because it’s everything I’d always imagined a healthy, loving, respectful relationship would be (and I grew up on Disney so my expectations were HIGH). And it is that way because we make it that way. To me, that’s something to be proud of. I won’t gush over Demetri too hard, (mostly because I know he will be reading this and we can’t have his ego inflating too much) but I will say this: He is the most kind, patient, understanding, giving, and loving person that I could have ever imagined myself being lucky enough to have as a partner. He truly doesn’t have a mean or selfish bone in his body. He makes me feel loved and cared for every single day without question. He is the king of thoughtful acts and gifts. I know without a doubt that I always have his support and that he only ever has my best interest at heart. I am thankful for him every single day (even when I’ve got a bad attitude, or I’m hangry, or ignoring the world as I scroll through TikTok).

San Francisco 2017

So if you didn’t know us or our little backstory, now you do. I guess you could say I owe a lot to Olive Garden (and not just because I ate a lot of breadsticks on the job) Now that I think about it, maybe I’ll go leave a 5 star Yelp review. It’s probably the least I can do.

*This post was not sponsored by Olive Garden*

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